Eartheum Crypto Mining Farm

The First Crypto Mining Farm in the Himalayas!

What is mining?

Mining is the process by which new crypto coins are created and their transactions verified. While years ago it was profitable to mine crypto currencies with your home computer, today crypto currency mining is a thriving industry at large scale.
With our proprietary solutions, we are able to maintain lower temperature at very high density, which is crucial for the highest possible mining power.

Crypto Mining in the Himalayas.

At Eartheum we use the latest and greatest in mining hardware without the overheads, with data centres in the Indian Himalayas above 2,000 meters (6,900 feet) above sea level, with cheap overheads we have the highest ROI in the Mining industry. We have finally decided to release our mining power to the public as we believe that our competitors are charging too much, so we’re here to keep the prices as low as we possibly can!

What we mine?

The answer to this question would be simply said the most profitable cryptocurrency. But what does this exactly mean? Well, maybe you already know this tool called – it shows you which crypto to mine for the maximum earnings, depending on the setup you are running.
But why does this value keep on changing? The price and difficulty rates are fluctuating the whole time. The higher the difficulty rate is, the more hashing power one needs to keep on mining the same amount of crypto. You can imagine that we need to adapt as fast as possible, because price movements of 20% in one day are nothing uncommon.
Keep in mind, that the achieved MH/s depend on the hashing algorithm used by the specific blockchain. So, switching from one coin to another may result in a different MH/s for the same setup.
And what about the configurations we talked about, well those are also configured based on the hashing algorithm.


We invite a select few to join us and participate in the booming Crypto Mining space.

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